Your authority…what I really think

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One thing I’ve discovered talking to believers, is they’re often quickly discomforted by the fact I don’t take them at their word.  To me, this seems to be a given. It seems to be a hard thing for them to accept. 

I think I understand why.  A believer is coming from a community where they do have authority.  In that community, their knowledge and claims are treated with respect- because in that community, the believer has obtained a degree of authority. And it’s hard to let go of that.  The result is that many Christians or Mulsims I’ve debated, just start by assuming I will concede they have a similar degree of authority.

Well, let me burst your bubble. Outside your community- in the bright light of the internet- your authority counts for squat- nada- nothing- zero.  I’m not going take you at your word for anything.  If you want me to treat you as an authority on these issues, you have to start from scratch.  You have to establish the veracity of your claims with solid evidence. Your word is not going to suffice.